Quality Assurace

KUWAIT STEEL’s vision and mission has excellence in its very core.  Driven by this aspiration, we have established a quality assurance system that ensures to continuously sustain and raise the bar of excellence – in our products, processes and people.

KUWAIT STEEL takes pride in its products.  Its products are guaranteed to be of superior quality that conforms to local and international standards and to the satisfaction of the customers. All KUWAIT STEEL’s products pass through a thorough quality assurance process.  This starts from selecting and inspecting raw materials, to in-process quality control, and to quality inspection and testing of finished products.  Our process assures product quality, consistency and traceability.

Laboratory facilities are established on each of the manufacturing plants to provide on-time feedback to production.  Each laboratory is equipped with the latest testing and analytical instruments, such as Optical Emission Spectrometer, a state-of-the-art Rib Measuring Device, Universal Testing Machines, bending machines and radiation detectors.  Our main asset is our people who are well trained, experienced and highly capable in dispensing their duties to ensure that high quality level is maintained.

KUWAIT STEEL operates a quality system that is accredited to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and is certified by UK CARES as a quality manufacturer and supplier of products conforming to BS4449:1997 460B and BS4449:2005 B500B.

We inscribe our signature on each bar that leaves our company.