As KUWAIT STEEL, we are committed to building a promising future for the company and its stakeholders. We also know the importance of contributing to the sustainability of the communities in which we have operated for decades. We are proud to be involved in volunteer work and to offer corporate contributions that support a wide variety of causes. We see this engagement as a way to strengthen our communities.

The main focus of our social responsibility program is to positively impact our community’s health, enhance and improve quality, and promote projects and opportunities that focus on safety, education, and environmental protection. Through the combination of our comprehensive Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policy and our active participation in public health and development initiatives, KUWAIT STEEL is demonstrating dedication to its employees, customers, the wider community and the planet we dwell in.

BIllet Production

On August 31, 2021, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, KUWAIT STEEL conducted mass vaccination against COVID-19 for all its employees and their family members as part of its ongoing effort and campaign against the coronavirus and care for the health of its workforce.

KUWAIT STEEL Company is deeply committed to ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for it’s community through CSR initiatives that promote health, such as the breast cancer awareness program. In partnership with the Cancer Aware Nation Organization (C.A.N), the company is raising breast cancer awareness through media advertisements in movie theaters, publications, and outdoor activities to enhance people’s understanding of the risks and symptoms thereby, saving lives through early diagnoses and treatment.

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